Execute strategy. Retain customers.
Drive profit with our leading indicator.

Executing strategy, retaining customers, and earning profit require a customer-focused orchestration of functions across the company. Until now the measurement of success has been by the end state and lagging indicators for profit like customer satisfaction. Not any more.

The Religence consulting team can change how you measure and manage sales and marketing performance. Now success in strategy execution, customer retention, and profit can be measured and managed in real time in an ongoing customer relationship development process that puts a value on customer relationships and is guided by our leading indicator for profit.

It's time for a 180° turn —

  • from the past to the present,

  • from a company-and-product-focus to a customer-focus,

  • from managing sales and marketing and customer service organizations discretely to managing acquisition, closing, and retention as a continuum

           — to align for success and collaboration.

It's time to call Religence. We are a customer-focused performance management consulting firm specializing in Customer Relationship Intelligence. There are many good, practical ways our Religence consulting team can help you get started aligning for success and collaborating up and down and across your organization. Our Religence Framework links strategic planning to operational execution and Relationship Value Metric to profitability for breakthrough business-to-business sales and marketing performance.

With relevant intelligence about how your relationships with customers work, your company can achieve sustainable competitive advantage, high-profit growth, real-time operational control, and repeatable success.










What we can do for you:

Voice of the Customer Research
Customer Profitability Segmentation
Value Creation Alignment
Customer Process Improvement
Technology Innovation Alignment
Relationship Value Metric
Real-Time Strategy Execution
Better Operational Control
Operational CRI Tracking System

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